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Fundación INTRAS

INTRAS is a non-profit organisation founded in August 1994 dedicated to high quality research and intervention in the mental health field. The organisation nowadays consists of 8 centres in 5 different provinces in Spain with over 120 psychiatrists, psychologists and professionals from social and educational fields carrying out research, training and clinical practice. The main target group of INTRAS consists of people suffering from mental disorders, whereby the organisation also performs activities and offers services to the disabled and people at risk of social exclusion in general.

The main aim of our work is to achieve an own life project with an appropriate level of quality of life, despite that some symptoms of the mental illness may persist. For that, we pay special attention and listen to the voice of our target groups demanding new programs and activities, in order to provide services taking into account the possibilities of each person and providing people with resources to empower them to be protagonist of their recovery process and thus of their own life. The last step of recovery process is employment, either through getting a job in a social firm or in a standard job.

As INTRAS aims to improve the quality of life people with mental disabilities mainly by promoting their reintegration into the labour market, it has created in 1999 a social enterprise which is currently managed by people with mental health problems. From its inception until now, it has developed a number of business lines to facilitate employment of our target groups.



Henar Conde - Main Project Manager

0034 983 399 633

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