Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


As we are in the middle of the training course, our trainees have produced several fashion products made from recycled materials. Some of the partners have decided to start selling them in pop-up stores, even when we still didn’t finish the Chic & Craft course. This is the case of INTRAS Foundation; they have opened a pop-up store in the village of Toro (Zamora) where they are implementing the course. The name of the store is “UN PUNTO DE LOCURA” (a point of madness) and it is placed in the main shopping street of the town.

The shop assistances are also people with mental illness, so the experience is incredible valuable and beneficial for them. It gives a positive picture of the people with psychic discomfort and allows them to interact with every kind of people in the village. So it is not only about the benefits of doing useful things with their own hands, but also the pride of selling them to people like in any other kind of shop.  The pop-up stores have revealed as a powerful normalization and integration tool, so we will definitely continue with them.